Want to go on luxury or budget Rwanda tours? Rwanda is a small landlocked country with lots of green and mountainous landscape. The country’s face portrays a very bitter past of terror and fear. When you stroll around Kigali City, you will notice a couple of genocide memorial monuments. Rwanda safari tours are full of agony and ecstasy at the same time. Despite the horror, the Rwanda tourism industry has grown steadily over the years and attracts millions of tourists each year. The main highlight on Rwanda safaris are mountain gorilla trekking tours. These critically endangered species of the great apes reside in Volcanoes National Park in the northern province of the country.

We offer both affordable and luxury Rwanda safari tours which may be private or guided depending on your preference. If you are a small group, we have the capacity too to make thorough arrangements for your safari. When you book any of our Rwanda travel packages, you are guaranteed of utmost comfort irrespective of your budget. We are one of those Rwanda tours and travel companies that try so hard to organize comfortable facilities and services for clients. This is because we do not want small things to disrupt you whilst on your safari holidays. We also arrange affordable group safaris in Rwanda. Below are some of our affordable Rwanda safari holidays with some blend of luxury for those that are eager to upgrade their style.

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