Congo is a true nature gift. The country has some of the finest attractions in the continent but has always lived under the shadow of political instabilities. It accounts for part of the oxygen you are breathing now. The Nile Basin comes second to Brazil’s Amazon in producing the largest amount oxygen to the world. When you go on Congo safaris, you will see how beautiful this country is. Regarding security, the country has shown great improvements in security levels and various safari parks have since been re-opened for tourism. You have probably heard of Uganda and Rwanda as the countries with mountain gorillas.

Well, Congo is the third and offers something extra that the two other gorilla trekking destinations do not. Congo tours will get you a glimpse of two gorilla species; Mountain gorillas and Lowland gorillas. Mountain gorillas live in Virunga National Park where as Lowland gorillas live in Kahuzi Biega National Park. Visiting DRC will offer you an opportunity to choose a specie to track. Far south of the Virunga Conservation Area like Mount Nyiragongo – the most dangerous active volcano in the world. Thousands of tourists climb this mountain annually tip the lava lake and back down. Its an experience of a lifetime. We are ready to make you visit DRC gorillas at very affordable rates. See some of our Congo safari packages below.

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