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21 Days Grand Uganda Holiday

This 21 Days Uganda safari takes you to the four regions of Uganda-East, north, south, and west, unavailing the beauty and Uniqueness in Uganda; the pearl of Africa. You start by facing the mighty water waves while rafting in the Nile, Mabamba wetland for the shoebill stock, then to three magnificent falls of Sipi falls before setting off to the true savanna wilderness of Kidepo Valley National Park.

After Kidepo, depart to west – Nile region of Murchison Falls National Park – home of the most powerful waterfalls on earth, Kibale Forest for the rare chimpanzees, Semuliki National park for the birds and then to the tree climbing lions’ kingdom – Queen Elizabeth National Park.

When you think you have seen enough; the travel continues to the Misty Jungle of Mgahinga National park, where you will track the rare mountain Gorillas and the golden monkeys, before setting foot at Lake Bunyonyi for an amazing relaxation time and then Lake Mburo National park for zebras and Impalas. You will spend the 21 days on game drive, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, boat cruise, birding, white water rafting, cultural encounter and sight-seeing to mention but a few. Pickup and drop off at Entebbe International Airport.

21 Days Uganda Safari Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival and Reptile Village Visit

Arrival and our company representative will gladly meet and brief you about this rewarding 21-day tour. Thereafter you will enjoy the fascinating view of Lake Victoria and the nice buildings along the way. You will drive to the reptile village to watch different reptiles rescued and protected at this site; notably the crocodiles, lizards, tortoise and snakes to mention but a few. Go for lunch and then continue to your hotel in the city for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 2: Shoebill stock tour at Mabamba swamp

At daybreak, have breakfast and then drive to Mabamba swamp along shorelines of one of the largest freshwater lakes on earth for a birding exercise, in search for a rare bird on planet earth; the giant shoebill stock. The escapade starts very early in the morning, as you embark on a canoe ride with an experienced birder who will take you to this swamp.

You will see some of these birds and many more wildlife such as the sitatunga and Hammerkops among others, before having a lunch break. In the evening you will return to the lodge for refreshment, dinner and overnight in Kampala.

Day 3: White water Rafting and River Nile

At daybreak, depart Kampala for River Nile in Jinja city; traversing one of the oldest natural forests In Uganda, Mabira Forest; with the local natives trading roasted chicken, beef, banana and several foodstuffs. It is a 1- hour drive with a hustle of traffic jam. Arrive in Jinja and join a crew for an unforgettable white water rafting experience; a team challenge against fear and the water waves. You will surely emerge victorious and with great smiles and stories.

Thereafter return for lunch, followed by a boat cruise to the source of river Nile; the world’s longest river. It is an approximately 1-hour experience, summed up with photos of the fascinating Mahatma Gandhi monument. At sunset, drive back to the lodge for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 4: Jinja city tour and drive to Sipi Falls

After breakfast, you will have a tour around Jinja city; visiting some oldest Indian buildings and landing sites for a tasty fish bite. Thereafter continue to Sipi falls, with a stopover in Mbale city for lunch. Sipi falls are a series of three powerful waterfalls, right at the slopes of giant Mountain Elgon in Kapchorwa area. Enjoy the unmatched beauty of the rolling hills and green plantations all way to Sipi. You will check in your lodge late in the evening for refreshments, dinner and overnight.

Day 5: Sipi falls hike and coffee experience

Start your day with a relaxing cup of coffee at the lodge, and then have a hike to the three mighty Sipi waterfalls. You will walk past the coffee plantations, homesteads and farms, with great views of the mountain backdrop. Arrive at the waterfall and spend time taking photos, taking a bath in the water, and sharing great moments with the rest of the visitors.

Thereafter return to the lodge for lunch, followed by a community Tour in the evening; visiting to learn how to grow and process coffee locally.  Kapchorwa is largely hilly, thus expect steep climbs to and from the falls and community. Interact with the natives and your guide, before returning to the lodge for a delicious dinner meal and peaceful slumber.

Day 6: Transfer to Kidepo Valley National Par, via the Nyero rock painting

After breakfast, leave the lodge very early in the morning for a stunning transfer to one of Africa’s true wilderness – Kidepo valley National park. Bless yourself with an 8-9 hour drive including an en-route stopover at Nyero rock paintings in Ngora district to watch the ancient drawings inscribed on the rocks.

Nyero rock visit may last for roughly 30 minutes, before you proceed with the drive, having another stopover for lunch. Major sections of this route are mainly Murram roads through local communities of Karamojong people, the renowned herdsmen whom you will see either half-naked or in their cultural wear, under shades and grass-thatched houses.

Enter Kidepo valley national park for a sunset drive to your lodge late in the evening for dinner and overnight. Kidepo Valley National Park is a semi-arid place, with tones of small hills, a captivating landscape, mountains and inselbergs.

Day 7: Game Drive and cultural encounter

Start this day with a breakfast meal at the lodge, before traversing either Narus valley on a 3-4 hour game drive as you admire the stunning landscape, grazers and plants at the open semi-arid place. This is a true African wilderness, with a variety of wildlife, mammals, and birds to mention but a few. Your chance to spot, the prey and predators roaming around the Narus River and other areas. These mammals include; African elephants, Cape Buffaloes, warthogs, bush babies, zebras and a lot more; birds such as the ostrich and geenefowls; primates and so much more.

Thereafter you will return to the lodge for lunch, followed by an afternoon visit to the nearby community with the Karamojongs communities; who will take you around their local grass-thatched houses.  Enjoy with them a thrilling traditional dance, stories, and songs, before returning to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 8: Transfer to Murchison falls National Park

After breakfast, checkout from your lodge for a scenic drive to Murchison falls national park – the most powerful waterfalls on earth. You will have a 7-8 hour scenic drive with lunch meal in Gulu city; one of the newly created cities in Uganda. The route to the park offers great views of stunning landscape and flourishing plantations, including the beautiful Gulu city. Reach and check-in at the park gate, before proceeding to your lodge for check-in, dinner, and peaceful slumber.

Day 9: Game Drive and boat cruise

Brighten your morning with a yummy breakfast meal, and then off you go to the northern sector of Murchison Fall national park; for a remarkable game drive experience. You may chance encountering the big cats; notably lions and leopards; warthogs, elephants, zebras, Uganda Kobs, the Jackson’s hartebeests and waterbucks; Primates such as baboons, and birds to mention but a few. Thereafter you have a lunch break. The Park has up to about 76 mammal species and 350 birds.

After lunch, you will head for a boat cruise which runs from 2-5 pm, climaxed with the top of the fall hike. You get to glance at the yawning school of Hippos, Nile crocodiles, aquatic birds, elephants, and the waterbucks. Take photos while listening to the thundering sound of the waterfalls as it pours to the Nile. The hike to the top of the falls exposes you to the beauty hidden on the falls, and as well the permanent rainbow on a good day. Spend the night with dinner and overnight at sunset.

Day 10: Transfer to Kibale Forest

After breakfast, you will check out of the lodge and drive to the park with some hopes of getting the last glimpse of some mammals. The drive to the primate Capital of the world lasts for roughly 7-8 hours, with lunch en-route and amazing views of the flourishing plantations, homesteads in the countryside, and active locals.  On arrival at the park, be welcomed as you check in to the lodge for a yummy dinner meal and peaceful slumber.

Day 11: Chimpanzee trekking and Bigodi Tour

Start this day’s adventure with a yummy breakfast meal, then go to the park headquarters for registration and attending the briefing session. Note that Chimpanzees possess over 98% human DNA, and make sweet sounds, active games and plays.

You will spend about 1-5 hours tracking them while encountering other primates in the park; namely the grey-cheeked monkeys, white and Colobus monkeys and baboons among others; birds and forest mammals such as elephants.

Thereafter spend a maximum of an hour with your cousins, the chimpanzees before returning to the lodge for lunch. The afternoon is for watching the birds, other mammals, community members, and primates in Bigodi swamp; one of the Ramsar sites in the country. Dinner and overnight sleep, after all this is done.

Day 12: Birding expedition in Semuliki national Park

After breakfast, you will drive to Semuliki national park, home to over 40% of the total bird species in Uganda for a rewarding game experience. Semuliki is a true birding haven dotted with Turacos, egrets, eagles, cranes, sunbirds and guinea fowls, etc. The search is done in the forest, under the guidance of an expert birder.

Follow the birding exercise with lunch and amazing hot springs viewing experience. You need to have an egg to boil at the Sempaya hot springs whose water boils at a point that can make an egg and banana ready to eat. After, return to the lodge in fort portal, living behind the magnificent Mountain Rwenzori backdrop for dinner and sweet slumber.

Day 13: Crater lakes tour and transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Brighten your day with heavy breakfast and then check out of the lodge for a simple crater tour around Fort portal – Uganda’s tourism city. Pay a visit to about three crater lakes in different locations, before proceeding with a rewarding 2-3 hour scenic drive to the medley of wonders – Queen Elizabeth National Park.

On your way to the park, appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature, breathtaking landscape, and backdrop of Rwenzori ranges, as you enter the park with few sightings of mammals. Arrive at your lodge for lunch and then late in the evening have a night game drive, with hopes of encountering the prey and predators that are active at nightfall such as the Hippos, lions, leopards and hyenas among others. Have your dinner and overnight at the appropriate time.

Day 14: Game drive and Boat Cruise

Wake up to a brand new day with cup of African coffee, before going for a 3-4 hours’ game drive in the savanna grasslands of Kasenyi sector. Expect to encounter the prey and predators roaming around the areas in search of what to eat; notably the elephants, zebras, Cape Buffaloes and warthogs to mention but a few; a list of birds and primates.

After game drives, return to the lodge for lunch, followed by a boat cruise along the Kazinga channel, offering an amazing opportunity of refreshment, fresh breath and the sight of hippos, crocodiles and several mammals quenching their thirst. There will be a call for break at sunset for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 15: Tree climbing lion tracking and transfer to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

After breakfast; checkout of the lodge for a drive to where “gold meets silver” Mgahinga National park. This is the smallest park in Uganda, but with a variety of mammals, primates and bird species. One gorilla family is open for trekking per day, with the golden monkeys.

You will track the tree climbing lions in Ishasha sector. Have lunch, before proceeding with the drive, only to be welcomed by beautiful mountains and a lush forest. Drive to your lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 16: Gorilla trekking Adventure

The first thing after waking up will be a hefty breakfast meal very early in the morning and a drive to the park headquarters for briefing by expert ranger guides, who will explain about these creatures and the trekking do’s and don’ts. Your search starts from the point the apes were spotted the very last time, through the lush forest, with other sightings of primates, birds and forest mammals to mention but a few. 1-7 hours can be spent, plus an extra hour for closely watching the Apes and taking photos, before calling it a lifetime adventure.

Thereafter have a lunch break, before spending the evening with the Batwa pygmies-listening to their lifestyle stories as hunters and gatherers. Join in the dances and songs, before calling the day quiet with dinner and overnight.

Day 17: Golden Monkey Trekking in Mgahinga National Park

Another adventure arrives, as you will finish breakfast and return to the park headquarters for another rewarding Golden monkey trekking escapade. Golden monkeys are one of the most beautiful monkeys on earth, with golden fur. They are so play-full and require much attention to take clear photos and watch them.

They are also shy and you will only spend about 1 hour spotting them feed on the bamboo shoots, play, and relay. The trekking exercise lasts for roughly 1-4 hours with an amazing opportunity of watching other park residents, before returning to the lodge for lunch. Spend the evening at leisure, except for those with an appetite for extra activity. At sunset, have dinner and enter bed like a king until sunrise.

Day 18: Transfer to Lake Bunyonyi

Follow your breakfast meal with a 2-3 hour drive to the “Switzerland of Africa”, Lake Bunyonyi, one of the deepest lakes in Africa which is made up of over 29 scenic islands. Arrive at your lodge after amazing views of the plantations and rolling hills, enjoy a lip-smacking early lunch, followed by a canoe ride to any of the over 29 islands.

The guide will help explain the historical significance of these islands, before returning for bird watching, swimming and relaxation. Finish the day in high spirit at the lodge with dinner and sleep.

Day 19: Lake Bunyonyi to Lake Mburo National Park

After breakfast, checkout of Lake Bunyonyi paradise and have an 8-9 hour drive to Lake Mburo, with a stopover at the equator for Lunch, photos, and to watching the magical demonstrations showing what happens at the point in which the marginal line divides the earth from the northern and the southern hemisphere.

Arrive at your lodge late in the evening, after enjoying an amazing view of various vegetation, scattered homesteads in the countryside and undulating hills. Call off the day with dinner and a night of peaceful sleep at the lodge.

Day 20: Game drive and Boat cruise

Start your morning with yummy breakfast meal at the lodge, before heading out for a game drive in the vast savannah of Lake Mburo N/park. Dominating Lake Mburo are different antelope species notably the Impalas, elands, Oribis, Uganda Kobs, waterbucks, zebras and Topis; as well as warthogs, elephants and Buffaloes seen during the 3-4 hours game drive. Though reports suggest the presence of leopards and lions, but these are hardly seen.

Finish the game drive, and have lunch, followed by a rewarding boat cruise in the evening which will expose you to an abundance of aquatic birds, hippos, elephants and crocodiles among others. Dinner and overnight at the lodge at sunset.

Day 21: Departure

Have a relaxed breakfast meal at the lodge and depending on your flight time, you’ll checkout of the lodge for Kampala or Entebbe international airport for a flight to the next destination. You have an open chance to tour Kampala city and purchase some souvenirs before departing.

End of safari.  

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