Are you a group that wants to travel for charity? Book no further than our Rwanda – Uganda Charity Safaris. Uganda and Rwanda are developing countries and due to certain obstacles, so many children are orphans, so many mothers have lost their husbands and so many street kids roam the streets of cities. None of these people want to live such lives and we assume if we show them some light, there might be a room for transformation. A number of our annual clients usually add charity at the end of their packages, some travel mainly for charity works in Uganda or Rwanda and some book with us simply because they are certain we are going to use a portion of our profits to cater for the less privileged people.

Some of the people we cater for are children who lack education, orphans, widows and disabled people. When you book a safari through this section, a portion of the profits we get from your trip will be used to support the category of people mentioned above. You will be supporting them indirectly and helping them transform their lives to become better persons in life. Whether it is mountain gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee trekking, wildlife viewing or cultural encounters, we shall help you accomplish any of these safaris. Below are some of our Uganda – Rwanda Charity safari packages.

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