Rwanda and Uganda might not be the best destinations for beach holidays in Africa but they offer equally memorable and relaxing experiences. The best destination for beach holidays in Uganda is Ssese Islands – a dream destination for honeymooners and holiday makers as well. The best Rwandan beaches are found in Gisenyi along the shores of Lake Kivu. We have organized so may beach holidays before in these two countries. We are ready to tailor one for you at very affordable prices. If you want a luxury experience, we can arrange that for you as well. Ssese Islands offers a great opportunity for an awesome getaway. You simply get lost in an Island and refrain yourself from the noisy cities. It offers a unique opportunity to relax and unwind.

So many lodges are available to add a spice to your holiday. These may be budget, comfortable or luxury. Only your budget will limit you on this. So do you want to drown in the ecstasy of beach relaxations, we are a specialist in this. We do not only organize your safari, we spice it up with a few surprises. These may range from barbecues, water sport activities, camp fires and so much more. See some of our beach holiday packages below.

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